Danske Bank testimonial

Vi har hen over foråret 2019 har en afdelingen for Corporate Payment Services i Danske Bank, Payment Solutions i Brabrand brugt vores vores værktøjer OCAI, TITOC™ og ISOMORFI.

I den forbindelse har Development Manager, Klaus Nygaard Cramer Bjørn afgivet følgende testimonial:

We have in Corporate Solutions, Danske Bank, used ISOMORFI with Morten Aaby for two different aspects:

  1. Cultural awareness and change
  2. New hires
Cultural awareness and Change

As for cultural awareness and change we used it to get our employees involved in talking about and working activily with the culture in our teams and department.

We did the survey and based the results to justify sessions on culture.

We have now had several session both with individual teams and as department area.

Our ISOMORFI created the baseline to work from, and it will be fun to see in some time whether a new measurement would give a different result.

However the main thing is awareness and openness, and here the tool and survey helped us identify areas of change and focus.

We are working with culture every day, and the teams have created a common cultural contract (Guidelines) to form the culture they would like.


New hires

Based on the measurement we did of both where we are culturally and where the employees would like to be, we actually tried using that to match a new employee.

We had the new employee answer the same survey and used the results on a visual comparison with the department/team she was to work in.

It turned out to be a very interesting talk of aligning candidate and employer expectations.

It was extremely usefull in an open dialogue about culture.

We decided on hiring the candidate, also based on match in cultural preferences.

And statement from candidate was also that this was extremely good in the aligning of expectations.

Thank you very much Morten, the work you are doing makes perfect sense and can be used in many situations.
Klaus Nygaard Cramer Bjørn

Development Manager, Danske Bank, Payment Solutions

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